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Do You Need a Great Teaching Degree to Teach Overseas in 2022?

Teaching Overseas Requirements

Every teacher’s dream is to change their normal teaching environment to a more improved and better-paying one. That explains why most of them are going abroad.

However, one of the dazzling questions in the minds of many is whether they need a teaching degree to do their job overseas.

Well, some schools will require a teaching degree, especially when dealing with certain students, while others do not require it.

teaching degree

Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, you must arm yourself with a teaching degree if you dream of teaching overseas for a certain subject.

Some professionals will tell you to go for a Master’s program to get a better salary abroad. I think it can be a very good idea.

But what are some of the basic requirements of teaching abroad? Is it only a teaching degree? Of course, not at all.

This article will explore some basic requirements for teaching abroad and making a fortune as a teacher. So, let’s dive in.

1. Have the Right Qualification: A Teaching Degree

You need to be qualified to be a teacher. At least you should have a basic teaching degree or certificate to guarantee your placement.

Of course, you have never worked abroad, which may seem awkward and confusing at the same time, and knowing what is needed can put you in a dilemma.

teaching degree

Many have a myth that they can just go abroad without any teaching experience or qualification and start teaching English.

Despite English being your first language, you need some polishing and qualifications for teaching. Teaching English is different from speaking English.

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So, my candid advice would be to be qualified for teaching from a recognized institution. It will give you mileage in your placement for a teaching job abroad.

2. Be Fluent in the Required Language

Now, depending on which country you are looking for a job, they will need you to have fluency in the language they use in teaching.

For example, if you plan on teaching in French countries and schools that teach only French, then you need to be fluent in French.

teaching degree

That will give you an upper hand when you get there. When getting a teaching job internationally, they need you to be very fluent in the language of communication.

Most schools have now adopted teaching English in their schools, especially in China, Russia, Korea, Africa, and other continents and countries.

That means if you are fluent in English, you can easily secure a job there. Nevertheless, you need to have e teaching degree to solidify your qualifications.

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Look for a school whose common denominator is the language that you are fluent in. You don’t want to go there, and the teachers are teaching in a language you don’t understand.

3. Have Some Experience in Teaching

When we say some experience in teaching, we don’t mean teaching overseas. Of course, most teachers don’t have experience in international teaching.

So, most international schools will not require international teaching experience before employing you; perhaps they understand.

However, if you have such an experience, you will be their favorite and get a job with most international schools.

teaching degree

According to the President of the International Educator (TIE), Forrest Broman, international schools are looking for proven performers.

He says; that the performers should be able to hit the ground running and manage their classroom independently.

That eliminates the theory that you don’t need any prior teaching experience. So, teaching a broad should not be your first teaching venue.

That could be why you should have a minimum of two years of experience teaching in any local school before teaching abroad.

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Yes, your Bachelor’s teaching degree and Masters are okay, but you need some experience before you are allowed to teach internationally.

You can connect with TIE, a non-profit organization, to help you get a placement in one of the international schools.

4. Have the Required Certifications

Every international school will require their teachers to have some certifications in the subjects they teach their students.

This should not be confused with the teaching degree or Master’s degree you already have. This is a separate certification distinct for every state, province, or country.

teaching degree

Depending on your country or state, the certification could be K-3, K-6, or K-12. It is important to check with your Department of Education to know which certification is needed.

This is the license that will guarantee you a job in an international school. However, if you have vast experience, you may be exempted from this.

Nevertheless, that does not always happen, so the best thing to do is to be equipped with the certification and your teaching degree coupled with two years of teaching experience.

According to the former head of International Schools in Latin America, Mr. Broman, US private schools usually employ talented but uncertified teachers.

This is because of the value these teachers bring to their students. And you will note that most Private independent schools perform better than public schools.

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It is the same principles embraced by some international schools. Broman says international schools will likely hire talented, experienced, and unlicensed teachers.

teaching degree

That should tell you that the value you offer the students is more important than your certifications. Nevertheless, have all the requirements.

5. Build a Good Rapport

What do people say about you? Which influence did you leave behind in that school you were teaching? That is what will determine your success in that international teaching.

It is not your teaching degree that will guarantee you having referrals to teach in great internal schools; it is your taste or reputation.

teaching degree

After you have secured your first international job, the rest will come by referrals. You will be surprised that most school principals have each other’s contacts.

If one principal wants a teacher qualified in a certain subject, they will recommend you if you behaved well when they worked with you.

That’s a test that you should always pass. Be nice to students and teachers in the school you are working in, and add some value wherever you go.


We did not mention travel documents which, of course, we assume you know that you should be having. For example, your passport.

You will not teach in an international school without your government’s passport and a work permit. So, start applying for a passport now if you don’t have one.

Also, having a well-polished CV is a great thing to remember. So, if you have your Bachelor’s teaching degree and two years of teaching experience, be ready for an international job.

You can decide to make your application better and more successful by adding your education and learning various foreign languages.

That added advantage might guarantee a teaching job in your dream country. So, are you ready for your next big international job?

Prepare your teaching degree and start applying for those international teaching jobs; TIE can help you with that. Let’s know your opinions in the comment box below.

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